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We bring you the best range of fun and inclusive fitness activities to get young people active! From hip-hop dance to circus skills, zumba, yoga and more, we’ve got the moves, tricks and skills for every group and any occasion.

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FunFit Fun Day

  • For the whole school or specific year levels
  • Choose from a full day or a half day
  • Select 4-6 different activities from our activity list
  • Students rotate from one activity to the next every 25-45min
  • Students will receive a short introduction to the chosen activities and will have trouble deciding which one they enjoyed the most!
  • Compatible with teaching units such as ‘healthy minds, healthy bodies’
  • We’ll work with you to select the best activities for your group

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Introductory Classes

  • Give your students exposure to something different
  • 45min-1.5hr classes
  • Focus on one activity of your choice
  • During class time, lunchtime or after school
  • Gives students the opportunity to try a new and unique activity
  • A fun fitness option in your PE schedule
  • Tie these classes in with a learning unit you are focusing on

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Ongoing Classes

  • For greater health results and stronger skill development
  • We’ll work with your students on an ongoing basis over the course of one month, one term or even the whole year
  • Focus on one particular skill area or mix it up with a range of different activities
  • The classes can culminate in a performance or even a school production
  • We’ll work with you to develop a specific program to meet the needs of your school

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Professional Development

  • Learn how to teach dance, group fitness or circus classes to your students
  • Our qualified and professional teachers will come to you and share their expertise
  • You receive teaching notes, lesson plans and lots of games and activities to include in your classes
  • Learn how to make circus equipment!
  • You’ll feel confident to lead your students through beginner classes
  • FunFit will be there for ongoing support if you ever need us

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  • Wow your school community with the greatest dance or circus show on earth!
  • From short talent shows to big productions we’ll get your students on stage, showing off their new skills
  • Students get to display their favourite FunFit tricks or dance routines to an enthralled audience
  • Great for developing teamwork, goal-setting and performance skills
  • Students of all ages love showing off for a crowd!

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Active Bodies, Healthy Lifestyle

We believe it is important to increase the awareness of a healthy body and active lifestyle at the grassroots level and allow students to express themselves creatively through discovering new individual activities that work for them.

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