Jade Nicholson

Director, Teacher & Performer

After completing her University degree in Sport Coaching (dance major), Jade developed FunFit in 2002. She hoped to increase participation of school children in physical activity by teaching fun movement-to-music classes.

Throughout her 3 years of contemporary dance at Deakin University, Jade trained in various forms of movement including hip-hop dance, breakdance, capoeira, circus skills, yoga and taekwondo.

Jade is also a qualified yoga teacher, zumba teacher, level 2 strength and conditioning coach, and level 1 sport aerobics coach. She participated in Sport Aerobics competitions in her youth, reaching State championship level and went on to train many young athletes in this sport. Now her main passions are yoga, dance and hula hooping and she performs her solo hula hoop act both in Australia and internationally.

Jade is passionate about teaching underprivileged children, travelling overseas several times throughout 2006-2011 to voluntarily teach dance, circus and yoga to impoverished children in Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia and India. She has been teaching her many skills to children for 20 years and loves sharing her skills and watching her students shine as they make small achievements.... and big ones!

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Baus Sabry

Breakdance & Hip-hop

Baus Sabry is a full-time professional Breaking & Hip Hop dance teacher/performer and has been teaching and performing professionally for over ten years. Baus currently represents Australia in the leading dance crew, The SuperHoodz.

Baus’s dance career has led him to many performance opportunities, touring in America over various theme parks, working as an official JD Sports dancer in Melbourne, and as the main entertainment at NBL’s Melbourne United seasonal home games. Baus has also performed alongside his crew annually at the Moomba Festival, at sporting events like the Australian Open and Australian Cricket’s big bash and countless corporate and private events.

Baus is an inspirational and energetic teacher and prides himself on his consistent delivery of engaging classes. Baus currently teaches close to 20 classes per week spread out to different dance schools. When he's not training, performing or teaching, he's completing his studies to become a myotherapist.

Dee Parisi

Hip-Hop Dance

Dee has been in the dance scene for several years now and loves to share her passion for Hip Hop! Currently studying Dance Teaching & Management, she teaches a wide range of street styles that are challenging but fun for her students.

Dee is part of two competitive hip-hop crews who compete internationally. Her crew 'Raw & Rugged' placed as Grand Finalists in Australia’s Got Talent in 2016, 2nd is Los Angeles for World of Dance 2016 and placed 1st as the 2017 National Champions for Australia for the Hip Hop Internationals. They then represented Australia in USA to come 2nd overall.

Dee loves to perform and share her love for dance with others. She teaches at dance schools, festivals, dance competitions and at Primary and Secondary schools.
Dee loves to get your kids grooving, get funky and most of all, have fun!

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Tia Wu

Breakdance and Hip-hop

Tia AKA B-girl TNT is an active B-girl in the Sydney hip-hop community and also a member of 143 Liverpool street Familia.

Tia started breakdancing in San Francisco in 2011 and learned from the best breakdancers in the Bay Area. She appeared in a music video of Mellow Man Ace, an ex-member of D12. One of the best B-girls on the block, Tia was the runner up of Ryugi Bgirl battle in 2019 and also runner up of Uprock in 2016. She placed Top 8 in Taiwan for the BOTY B-girl battle.

Tia has more than 7 years of teaching experience, teaching all ages and levels at various studios in Sydney and overseas. She's taught workshops in Malaysia, The Philippines and The US. Tia loves breaking down steps to make them simple for kids to learn. She loves to see their face light up after they master the moves.

Aside from her love for teaching, Tia also loves being a mum, sewing and chilling with her cat.

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Jewelz Hanssens

Circus & Yoga

Jewelz is a Sydney-based multidisciplinary artist knows as Jewelz A Hoopz. Her main weapon of distraction being hula hoops and she likes to call herself a professional ``Hoopologist``! Jewelz is a Hula Hoop performer and Circus teacher AND a qualified Kids Yoga teacher and Laughter Yoga teacher. So much talent in one quirky little fire-cracker!

Jewelz has been spinning hoopy happiness and laughter yoga around Sydney and the world since 2009. From 1 hoop to 20, she spins, dances and creates fun moments both nationally and internationally - wowing audience and teaching hula hoops to people of all ages. Jewelz has taught everyone how to hula hoop, from pre-school children to 88yo cancer survivors.

Beyond hoops, Jewelz also teaches other circus props for beginners: juggling balls, poi, flower sticks, spinning plates, and ribbons. Two of her most memorable moments are teaching social circus to impoverished children in Asia and in remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory.

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Carolyn Wray

Yoga & Mindfulness

Carolyn has been a yogi for more than 20 years; learning, growing and sharing the joy and benefits of yoga with others. Carolyn teaches classes for both primary and secondary school aged children. Her classes are age-appropriate, fun, authentic and above all, always focussed on giving kids valuable skills for life.

More than simply fun, Carolyn’s yoga and mindfulness classes include authentic yoga poses, breath work, meditation and ancient yogic philosophy. All delivered with warmth, fun and experience. Carolyn lives in Melbourne and is the mother of two children, one small dog and two chooks. She also run yoga classes, courses and retreats for adults.

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Hazel Bock


Since she can remember, Hazel Bock has always loved being on stage, thriving on making the audience smile and gasp. After graduating from the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in 2003, she worked as a freelance artist, delighting audiences at countless festivals, celebrations and corporate events around Australia and across the globe.

Hazel is a Melbourne based performer/teacher and has been passing on her skills to enthusiastic students of all ages for over 15 years now; teaching in schools, vacation care programs, community events and within circus schools.

She's performed with established circus companies including four years with the internationally acclaimed Circus Oz, multiple tours with Circus Quirkus and guest spots with Circus Monoxide and CIRCA. Most recently she has been performing with GOP on the German variety circuit.

Hazel specialises in Juggling and Foot Juggling (lying on her back and manipulating objects with her feet). This is one girl with a set of very clever toes.

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Isaac Gangemi

Breakdance & Hip-hop

Isaac is a Perth based Breakdance and Hip-hop dance performer and teacher. He's been Breakdancing since 2013 and currently has his eye on Olympic Gold when Breakdance makes it Olympic debut in 2024 in Paris. Over his dance career, Isaac has performed at many sporting events, community festivals and a range of corporate events including at the Perth Casino and Fringe Festival.

Isaac loves the 'battle' aspect of the dance and has traveled to multiple countries to battle in big competitions and learn from the pioneers of the dance, including Singapore and several countries in South America where he has also been a special guest judge for local battles. When Isaac isn't training for the Paris Olympics, he loves to give back to the community by sharing and teaching the dance styles he loves.

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Shona Conacher


Shona is a world-class hula hoop artist, fitness trampoline fanatic and superstar of many circus skills. When she's not on stage, she can be found coaching children and adults in circus skills across Melbourne.

Shona is passionate about sharing circus to people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. She has worked professionally in the industry since 2013 in both Australia and overseas. Shona has taught in various circus schools as well as company tours across New Zealand, Europe and the UK.

Shona has a passion for creating ridiculous, energetic, engaging and interactive work for audiences both young and old which has led her to be a cast member in critically acclaimed Australian company Dummies Corp. in their newest, award-winning children’s show Don’t Mess With the Dummies. She has toured Australia and Internationally with this show.

Shona is also a sought after cabaret artist and street performer and is a favourite face at the unofficial home of street performance, Covent Garden (London, UK).

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Kirra Roberts


Kirra began his circus training in his early school years under instruction from Circus Oz. He continued to hone his craft and successfully obtained a Bachelor of Circus Arts from the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in 2018. From an early age, Kirra studied a vast number of circus specialties including tumbling, trapeze, juggling and aerials.

A natural at all things circus, he was invited to train with the famous Flying Fruit Fly Circus in Albury at the age of nine. During his training at NICA, Kirra developed particular strengths in Wire walking, Diabolo and tumbling. He has also developed a great love of learning and professional development which he has transitioned into a passion and enthusiasm to teaching others. Kirra regularly teaches at various schools and circus schools, teaching from young children to adolescents.

Alice Robinson

Circus & Drama

A qualified creative arts therapist, Alice is an experienced teacher and performer of circus skills, dance and contact improvisation. She specialises in clowning, juggling, hula hooping, fire twirling and acrobalance. Alice has performed and taught workshops all over Australia at arts festivals and in primary and secondary schools. She has even taken her skills overseas and performed at International festivals including the Hungarian Juggling Convention.

Alice has worked with students of all ages, both with her circus and dance teaching and also leading groups in outdoor recreation and working with adults with learning disabilities. One of Alice’s most rewarding experiences was working as a youth worker in remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, creating and facilitating circus, art and recreation programs.

More recently Alice co-devised and performed in a kids comedy show called “Time Out” which received critical acclaim at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Alice is a zany teacher with lots of energy, making her a perfect circus teacher who will always get her classes giggling!

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Stephanie Harrison

Hip-Hop Dance, Breakdance & Drama

Stephanie Harrison is an award-winning performing artist, creative director and educator who is renowned for her choreography and dance skills along with her powerhouse vocals and creative comedy.

Wether it's on stage or in the class room, Stephanie knows how to bring life to the people around her. She has created a fusion of technique meets Hip-Hop and urban contemporary, bringing dynamic movement, freestyle, structured routines to her classes.

Her 13 years of teaching experience and passion for child education doesn't go unnoticed. What inspires her most is how dance brings people together, watching the confidence grow in each individual from all ages and backgrounds.

Shane Marshall


Shane began Breakdancing in late 2005 and quickly went on to win many competitions and perform in venues all over Victoria. He has created a strong impact in the Australian hip-hop and breaking scene and started teaching in 2007.

Over his 12 years of dancing and 11 years of teaching, Shane has become a member of several different break crews including his latest FUN crew. With FUN crew Shane has travelled to Japan and Singapore and around Australia competing in (and winning!) some of the biggest competitions around.

Shane has taught at Melbourne's top dance companies and he has performed at a huge variety of events, from concerts to schools to weddings! In 2010 Shane travelled around Victoria as a performer with Silvers Circus.

Shane has also trained in hip-hop, locking and popping, Latin dance, acrobatics and martial arts, but his main love is still breaking. One of Shane’s greatest passions is teaching kids and spreading his own passion to others. His goal as a dancer is to travel the world and help his crew make a name for themselves outside of Australia.

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Sarah Healy


Sarah Healy has over a decade of experience working in the wonderful world of the theatre, carnival and performance. Movement and creativity have always been central to her life, discovering its wildly positive effects on wellbeing as a youth in the Skadada Youth Runaway Circus (SYRC). Since then she has performed with various troupes in Canada, Europe and Australia with acts in contortion, prop manipulation, fire dance and clown.

Now based in Fremantle, Sarah finds great joy in passing on circus skills to young people in WA and continuing training, creation and performance within the vibrant circus community.

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Sarah Schneider

Yoga & Mindfulness

Sarah has been practicing yoga since 2005. Her passion for yoga led her to obtain her Teaching Diploma from The Yoga Institute in Sydney in 2019. Sarah has also done 2 kids yoga training courses and loves to pass on the wonderful tools that yoga has to offer to our younger generation.

Sarah has 3 young kids of her own and knows that an hour of 'adult yoga' does not cut it with them! Instead, kid's yoga with Sarah means lots of games, interesting breathing techniques, fun partner and team work plus guided meditations. Yoga poses and flows come into them too of course.

Sarah teaches students how to calm themselves down and handle their emotions through breath work exercises. It's amazing how simple steps can help a child or teen for years to come. Discussions on being kind, believing in yourself, letting go of things you don't need, a healthy lifestyle, the environment, personal goals and strengths, being helpful, grateful, happy and many other positive areas of life are woven into her interactive classes. The main focus of her kid's yoga classes is FUN.

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Izzy Lawton


Izzy is Brisbane-based and she began training in Acrobatics when she was 12 years old. Through her love for Acro she discovered the wonderful world of circus. As a teen Izzy performed as part of Circa’s youth ensemble Circa Zoo. At the young age of 18 she began teaching and performing with Flipside circus. Since then she has toured to over 20 communities throughout Queensland teaching all circus disciplines. Izzy specialises in Tumbling, Group Acro and Hula hoops.
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Emily Zdravevski

Hip-Hop Dance & Breakdance

Emily is a versatile dancer who has had a passion for the performing arts since a very young age. She has trained in many styles of dance including contemporary, jazz, tap and hip-hop. Her current passions are hip hop and street based styles ranging from old school styles like breaking and locking, to new school styles like house, litefeet and afro beats.

Emily has been dancing, singing and acting since she can remember. She's performed since the age of three and feels at home when she's on stage. Emily is also involved in the musical theatre scene and has performed in ‘All Shook Up’ (2016), as Martha Cox in ‘High School Musical’ (2015) and most recently the role of Tzietel in ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ (2017 and 2021). Since 2016, she has worked with L2R Dance as dance teacher, emerging artist, youth committee member and professional teaching artist, as well as a performer for professional gigs and events. Emily recently competed in two freestyle battles and took away her first win at the 2v2 ‘Sister Sessions’ battle in December of 2021.

Aside from performing, Emily graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor of Education (p-12) at Victoria University, majoring in Visual Arts. Emily is also part of professional hip hop crew ‘Superhoodz’ who dance for Melbourne United Basketball. Performing with this crew has led her to touring around Los Angeles to train and perform at venues such as Disneyland, California Park, Knottsberry Farm, Universal Studios and more. Emily has a unique dance style that she can not wait to share with the dance world and beyond.

holiday program, circus teacher, school incursions, vacation care, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth

Alex Weckes-Huck


Alex began his journey as a circus performer as a child, taking part in recreational youth classes and immediately falling in love with the craft. Being an extremely physical person however exceptionally untalented in traditional ball sports, circus and acrobatics was the perfect medium for expression. Fifteen years later, Alex has developed a broad repertoire of skills ranging across ground and aerial domains. These include partner and group acrobatics, tumbling, handstands and trapeze amongst others.

Alex spent his formative years as a performer onstage with Flipside Circus’s youth performance troupe. Following this he attended the National Institute of Circus Art (NICA). Alex has performed extensively nationally and internationally.

Today Alex spends more time studying to be a clinical exercise physiologist than he does on stage, but he maintains a strong passion of teaching with a particular interest in technical acrobatics and community outreach work in both regional and marginalised communities.

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Richard McKimm


Rich is a multi talented circus performer and teacher with skills in juggling, fire twirling, dance and acrobatics. Beginning his circus journey 8 years ago at community circus meets, he soon developed a deep passion for these arts and went on to become a professional fire performer, juggler, and circus trainer.

He regularly teaches in primary and secondary schools and at community events. His workshops generally include juggling, poi and staff spinning, co-ordination and teamwork games, acrobatics, movement and floorwork.

Also a qualified personal trainer, Rich has had a lifelong interest in fitness and enjoys finding new movement styles to learn and share with others. This has led to study in a broad range of circus disciplines, dance styles and martial arts.

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Claudia Ciempka

Dance & Drama

Claudia is a Melbourne based teacher and performer, and has recently completed their Double Diploma of Dance and Musical Theatre from Theatre Blacks. Dance has always been a big part of their life going from participating in Calisthenics growing up, to coaching later on. Musical Theatre and Drama is also a huge part of their life, being lucky enough to play roles such as Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors to completely contrasting roles such as Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Claudia’s main goal when teaching is for the students to have fun and to grow. It’s not about being the best, it’s about being their best. Claudia is so thrilled to be teaching with FunFit and to share their passion with the next generation of dancers and actors.

yoga teacher, yoga classes for schools, kids yoga, mindfulness, school incursions, vacation care, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth

Nerida Lowndes

Pilates, Yoga & Mindfulness

A free spirit with a big smile, Nerida is an ex-gymnast and Gymnastics coach. As a mum of 2 kids, she now prefers less competitive activities and her passion for movement and fitness now lies with Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness. She is a qualified Rainbow Kids Yoga Instructor and teaches regular classes at Early Learning Centres, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools.

Nerida has a personal yoga and pilates practice that spans over 25 years, so she understands the powerful impact these practices have on her own life and has a passion for sharing these healthy habits with other people of all ages. Nerida will make your experience creative, fun and help children to realise their inner and outer strength; from coordination and balance to trust, respect and self-love.

Zumba teacher, primary school, Melbourne, dance, incursion, fitness, kids, fun, secondary school

Analia Herbes


Analia is from Argentina and she’s been dancing as long as she can remember. With a background and natural talent in Salsa dance (Cuban style), she was asked to perform professionally almost as soon as she began training.

Analia is a qualified personal trainer and has been working in this field for 15 years. In 2009 she discovered Zumba as a way to build on her latin dance knowledge and fuse it with fitness, which she is passionate about. She immediately became a Zumba instructor and loves teaching this energetic and fun dance style.

Analia is very passionate about sharing her Latin culture, music and dancing with people of all ages. Students love her classes as they truly get the latin feel through her connection to the music and passion for latin rhythms. Her classes are fun and energetic and most importantly, very inclusive.

circus, drama teacher, drama incursion, hula hoop, hoola hoop, teacher, school incursions, vacation care, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth

Lisa Hanssens

Drama & Circus

Lisa is a actor and circus performer. In 2009 she began teaching and performing circus with Aerialize in Sydney. She specialised in trapeze and hula hooping but also teaches juggling, flower sticks, scarves, ribbons, poi spinning plates and acro-balance. Her love of performance led her to complete an Advanced Diploma in Stage and Screen at AFTT 2015/16. Since then she has been doing as much theatre and films as she can find.

She has been teaching kids since 2009 and teaches both circus and drama. She has created and directed several kids shows with Aerialize. Bringing together more than 70 students from ages of 5 through the 13 each time.

She started her professional career in the welfare field specialising in disability. She brings this knowledge into her teaching, working with many students with different abilities.

Catalina Gonzalez


Catalina is from Colombia and she’s been dancing all her life. She has over 10 years training and experience in traditional Colombian dancing and has been teaching Latin dancing for 9 years. This includes salsa, rumba, chacha and samba.

She expanded her movement repertoire with the highly energised dance/aerobic activity Zumba and has been a Zumba fitness instructor and entertainer for 9 years.

Catalina is very passionate about sharing her Latin culture, music and dancing with people of all ages. For her, zumba is about having a good time dancing with the best music! Her classes are fun and energetic and most importantly, very inclusive... we are all part of the fun!!!