What to expect:
  • Learn movement sequences that incorporate dance, fitness and aerobic movement
  • Perform the sequences as a whole group or in smaller groups
  • No pressure of team sports
  • Students can work at their own pace or level
  • For all ages, fitness levels and movement abilities
  • Class difficulty level is modified to suit the participants

Duration: 60min classes. Shorter sessions for multi-activity bookings, eg. Fun Day

Space required: Indoor hall, community room or large classroom with furniture removed

Group size: Up to 30. Larger groups will require 2 FunFit teachers

Ages: Kinder to Year 12

What to wear: Comfortable clothing and runners

What to bring: A water bottle and enthusiasm!

Cost: From $187

All classes are run by qualified instructors who hold a current Working With Children check. FunFit have Public Liability insurance.

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Our fitness classes develop the following fundamental areas:
  • cardiovascular fitness
  • muscular endurance and strength
  • flexibilty
  • coordination
  • agility
  • balance
  • core stability
  • motor skills
  • confidence
  • teamwork
  • body awareness
  • creativity and expression


  • High-energy dance/ aerobic workout
  • Based on world dance grooves, eg. salsa, reggaeton
  • Learn short dance sequences performed to music
  • Great cardiovascular workout!

You won’t even realise how fit you’re getting as you have fun shaking it to the beat!

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Martial Arts

  • Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu and even Capoeira
  • Learn punching, kicking and blocking techniques
  • Strength, balance and body awareness activities
  • Learn individual skills plus work in pairs and as a group
  • Safe, non-violent and of course… FUN!

If self-defence is your focus, we can also cater to this.

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  • High energy!
  • Combines aerobic exercise with martial arts skills
  • Perform punches, kicks and other movements to the beat of the music
  • Learn movement sequences that combine these actions
  • Perform sequences as a group or in separate groups, for each other.

This is a non-contact, energetic workout that participants really get a kick out of!

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  • High energy and a great cardiovascular workout!
  • Learn basic footwork such as step touch and grapevine
  • Learn different arm movements to perform with the footwork
  • Steps are combined to form a short aerobics routine
  • Perform as a large group and in separate groups, performing for each other.

We can also choreograph your school Sport Aerobics routines!

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Active Bodies, Healthy Lifestyle

We believe it is important to increase the awareness of a healthy body and active lifestyle at the grassroots level and allow students to express themselves creatively through discovering new individual activities that work for them.

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