Let those creative juices flow


We’re all familiar with the term “drama queens” and we know that students love to take on this role so why not let them explore this and turn their drama skills into something creative! Whether for a school production or just for fun, our drama classes are non-intimidating and lots of fun and develop the following fundamental areas:

  • creativity
  • team work
  • leadership skills
  • performance skills
  • public speaking skills
  • decision-making skills
  • body awareness
  • self-esteem
  • confidence
  • communication


This is a fun class where students are led through activities where they create their own story told through words, action, song and / or dance. Students have to think quickly to invent their own character, mood, and narrative and they entertain their fellow students as they perform their unique anecdote.

Activities will work on solo and group improvisation and students have a lot of fun working together creatively with limited boundaries.

School Productions

There’s no business like show business and many of FunFit’s teachers have an abundance of experience working on the stage whether it be for dance, theatre or television. We can help to give your school production that professional touch to make it a memorable experience for your staff, students and families. Our teachers have helped many schools at both Primary and Secondary level to produce a school concert that all audience viewers are highly entertained by. We ensure that all students are nurtured to realise their natural performance abilities whether onstage or in technical crew.
We can work with you throughout the entire production process, get you started or add the final touches to ensure your students get a standing ovation!

Active Bodies, Healthy Lifestyle

We believe it is important to increase the awareness of a healthy body and active lifestyle at the grassroots level and allow students to express themselves creatively through discovering new individual activities that work for them.

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