Mind & Body

In today’s busy world the ability to calm your breath and focus your mind is the best study aid you can offer. Connecting with our body and breath helps to support us with all the challenges life throws at us. FunFit’s mind and body classes encourage the mind/body connection, provide a full body workout and are also lots of fun. Students will learn how these exercise methods help mental health, injury prevention and support them for their success in other sports.

Duration: 60min classes. Shorter sessions for multi-activity bookings, eg. Fun Day

Space required:
Indoor hall, community room or large classroom with furniture removed

Group size:
Up to 25. Larger groups will require 2 FunFit teachers

Foundation to Year 12

What to wear:
Comfortable clothing and runners

What to bring:
A water bottle and focussed mind

From $187

All classes are run by qualified instructors who hold a current Working With Children check. FunFit have Public Liability insurance.

Our mind and body classes develop the following fundamental areas:
  • muscular strength and endurance
  • flexibility
  • coordination
  • agility
  • balance
  • core stability
  • body awareness
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Through practicing yoga, one can hope to achieve the integration of body, mind and spirit. Rather than being about attempting difficult poses and tying the body in a knot, yoga is the practice of exercise, breathing and meditation. With regular yoga practice improved health can be achieved as the exercises improve circulation and strengthen the respiratory system.

FunFit’s yoga teachers design classes specifically for the age group they are teaching. For younger students, many fun games are included in the session to maintain their attention as it is more difficult for children to quieten the body and the mind. It is amazing to see just how calm participant’s energy levels are throughout and after a FunFit yoga class. This makes for a fun and accessible class for all ages.

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Developed in the 1920’s and increasingly popular today, the pilates method aims to create a balance in the body and involves a series of exercises derived from callisthenics, ballet and yoga. During a pilates session, different exercises are performed in repetitions of 5-10 with a concentration on breathing and abdominal control. Core stability is essential for the body as it helps our posture, prevents injury and is beneficial to all sporting activities we are involved in.

If it’s core stability you need to develop, pilates is the activity for you! Students leave this class with a feeling of satisfaction at having completed a thorough but not overwhelming training session.

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Active Bodies, Healthy Lifestyle

We believe it is important to increase the awareness of a healthy body and active lifestyle at the grassroots level and allow students to express themselves creatively through discovering new individual activities that work for them.

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