Our dance classes provide a link between fitness and pop culture.  By learning dance routines and specific skills, students gain a greater understanding of their bodies whilst getting a great cardiovascular workout.

With 4 exciting dance styles to choose from, students will be inspired into action through movement methods that are popular with young people. With multiple visits, students can learn our whole range of dance styles. We can also include a variety of other styles including Bollywood, African dance and many others. Our teachers are multi-talented so just ask us!

For older students we can teach dance classes where the students are involved in the choreographic process and we also prepare students of all ages for performances and productions.

Duration: 60min classes. Shorter sessions for multi-activity bookings, eg. Fun Day 

Space required:
Indoor hall, community room or large classroom with furniture removed

Group size:
Up to 30. Larger groups will require 2 FunFit teachers

Kinder to Year 12

What to wear:
Comfortable clothing and runners

What to bring:
A water bottle and cool attitude!

From $187

All classes are run by qualified instructors who hold a current Working With Children check. 
FunFit have Public Liability insurance.

Our dance classes develop the following fundamental areas:
  • cardiovascular fitness
  • coordination
  • gross motor skills
  • strength
  • flexibility
  • agility
  • creativity
  • self-esteem
  • teamwork
  • performance skill
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Hip Hop

This is one of our most popular choices and a fantastic way to get a cardiovascular workout while having lots of fun. Often seen in music video clips, hip-hop dancing is a very popular style for both boys and girls who love moving and grooving to popular music.

Students will learn an energetic routine that is taught gradually by breaking it down into its separate movements. At the end of the class, the students have a funky routine they can perform by themselves…. Even at school assemblies!

See one of our hip-hop classes with Year 7 students HERE.

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With it’s beginnings in the Bronx in the 1970’s, breakdancing has once again grown in popularity and many school-aged students are keen to get down with this impressive dance style. There are several different styles within Breakdance: top rocks, popping and locking, power moves and freezes.

Students will receive an introduction to each of these elements and although some breakdance moves are very difficult to execute, our brilliant teachers are able to break down these movements into simple steps or modify them to suit beginners of all ages.

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This highly energised dance/ aerobic workout has taken the fitness world by storm. ZumbaTM fuses world dance grooves with aerobics and is a great cardiovascular workout, performed to music. Learn short dance sequences with dance styles from all over the world such as the cha cha, samba, bollywood dance, hip-hop and reggaeton.

A ZumbaTM class is high energy and non-stop. You’ll be having too much fun to realise how fit you’re getting as you shake it to the beat!

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Creative Dance

Creative (or contemporary) dance is a fusion of many movement styles including classical, physical theatre and contact improvisation. This creative way of moving draws on modern dance techniques and encourages participants to explore the endless ways their body can move.

Students are guided through activities that call on them to explore their imagination to create their own movement. This is a lot of fun for all participants as creative dance allows them to move the way they choose and we’ve seen some amazing stuff from many participants in these classes, including from those who previously thought “I don’t know how to dance”.

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Active Bodies, Healthy Lifestyle

We believe it is important to increase the awareness of a healthy body and active lifestyle at the grassroots level and allow students to express themselves creatively through discovering new individual activities that work for them.

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